Capsule’s mission is to radically simplify interacting with blockchains.

We envision a world where the internet is built around people, not corporate walled gardens. Where we are in control of our identities, data, and value and can bring ourselves across the digital world – sharing what we want, when we want, on our terms.

More About the Vision
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Behind the Magic

We’re a team of experienced crypto and fintech builders united by a vision for a better onchain future. We’ve built wallets, protocols, and products managing billions in volume.

First Principles Thinking

Something like Capsule has never been built before. We apply our experiences and intuition to seek out novel solutions to the problems in front of us and relentlessly question constraints and assumptions.

Grow the Pie

We believe that Capsule has a unique opportunity, and we take individual accountability for capitalizing on this opportunity. We prefer to work in person and strive to bring our best selves every day. We hold ourselves and each other to a high bar and take pride in our work.

Commitment Matters

We exist to deliver on our mission and promise to our users, and while Capsule is building for everyone, our team may not be for everyone. Capsule is not a 9-5 – we are open to working very hard when needed to create success.

Enjoy the Ride

Startups are tough, and there will be successes as well as occasional bumps in the road. We celebrate and acknowledge team and individual wins big and small. Most importantly, we find opportunities to have fun along the way :)

If this sounds like fun, we’d like to meet you.

Join Us
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Our Background

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The Capsule team kayaking together on a sunny day by the ballpark in San Fransisco. The Capsule team smiling while hard at work in the shard office.

Backed by the Best

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and many more…