import Capsule
const capsule = new Capsule();
<CapsuleModal capsule={capsule}/>
Capsule Wallet Creation UI

Cross-app embedded
wallet infrastructure

Securing Industry Leaders

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Get more out of
your wallet provider

Capsule’s goal is simple: make transacting onchain easier. We handle the hard stuff for you, so you can get back to perfecting your product.

Capsule White Label Options Panel
Capsule White Labeled Panel UI

Easy User Onboarding

Move beyond seed phrases, manual signing, and browser extensions. Streamline user onboarding with recoverable, non-custodial wallets that match the look and feel of your application.

Users & Wallets
Capsule Connect a Wallet UI

Wallet Portability

Embedded wallets without fragmentation. With a Capsule wallet, your users can single sign-on (SSO) across chains, devices, and apps – even if an application has not integrated Capsule yet.

SSO Across Apps
Capsule Connect a Wallet UI

Programmable Signing

Capsule makes transactions programmable. Control how and when transactions are executed with spending limits, progressive 2FA, and automations – all without increasing signing friction.

Programmable Transactions
Capsule White Label Options Panel
Capsule Add-On UI

Customizations & Add‑Ons

Level up your end to end experience with native on and off ramps, analytics, and more. Build on Capsule's modal components or bring your own UI to suit your users’ needs and preferences.

Customize Capsule

All in One
Transaction Toolkit

Transact without tradeoffs. Get started in minutes.

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Delightful Developer Experience

Capsule’s mobile and web SDKs are compatible with Ethers, Wagmi, Viem, and standards like EIP-1193 and ERC-4337, making integrating quick and easy.

Social Login without the Liability

Secure keys with the best of both worlds - convenience of social login and the protection of passkeys. Keyshares are protected by secure hardware enclaves on users' physical devices.

Powered byAdd DeviceAdd deviceConfirm Capsule passkey onanother device

Multi-Device Support

Whether you're building a mobile app, PWA, or Telegram bot, Capsule lets your users sign from anywhere. Manage user wallets across mobile, desktop, and more.

Capsule Logged In Modal

Single Sign-On


Intelligent Multi-Chain SSO

Completely abstract signing complexity across chains. Because Capsule wallets are compatible with all ECDSA chains, your users can single sign-on (SSO) across different chains.

Security first.
And second.

Capsule’s security model protects against both common and uncommon threat vectors, such as device loss and theft and more.

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Multi-Party Computation

Capsule’s MPC uses Distributed Key Generation (DKG) and distributed signing mechanisms to ensure private keys are never stored in one place. Refresh and rotate keys on demand.


Capsule uses passkeys to leverage secure enclaves on user devices for keyshare storage. This limits browser-based key extraction attacks and decouples key access from authentication, ensuring that wallets are never compromised even if the social login is.

Transaction Permission Engine

Private keys cannot be accessed by your application, Capsule, or anyone but your users. Capsule’s permission engine offers wallet portability without trading off security.


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October 2023

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